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Tiens VLF Photon Health Mattes

(5 customer reviews)

৳ 78,358.00


Tiens VLF Photon Health Mattes

Tiens VLF Photon Health Mattes has seven major features:
For the normal life of the 2/ 3 time to sleep.
Urine increment the efficacy and safety of natural health.
The first step to better health is laid to sleep.
Block low and high blood pressure and vascular removed.
Eliminate constipation.

  Channel and remove the vein blockage of the arteries.

a variety of types of arthritis: pain, bone pain,
body pain that controls joint pain,

⇒  Maintains the normal
function of the brain, Ideal the body of weight reduces extra fat.
Balance of positive and negative ions in a healthy man.

Excellent health physiotherapy effects of negative ions,
can regulate the body’s autonomic nervous system, to improve
the hematopoietic function Tienshi health mattress in a safe,
dependable products, and Environmental management system received
ISO-9001 certification for this product.
190x100cm,16 kg to use.

⇒  The normal way is to use it regularly to sleep.

1 year’s service warranty.

5 reviews for Tiens VLF Photon Health Mattes

  1. jihad

    it is good business and all product is nice.

  2. kamal

    Its working very well. No problem to use because this is very strong and well designed.

  3. dinu moya

    The product was original

  4. mahabub

    best Quality full product

  5. golam kibra


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