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Tiens Super Calcium with Lecithin

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Tiens Super Calcium with Lecithin

Tiens Super Calcium with Lecithin is a lipid that is required by every single cell in your body.

 Although it is a fatty substance it is also a fat emulsifier.

 The cells, brain protective.
 ⇒ The Muscle and nerve cells are formed by the lecithin.
 ⇒ For each cell in our body needs Lipid Regulating Turn.
 ⇒ vomiting digestive problems, high blood pressure.
 ⇒ Joint and muscle problems remove.

 ⇒ Mental fatigue
And thus improve memory power.

 ⇒ Osaklorosisa artery
to prevent and Protection from cardiovascular disease.

 ⇒ 4gram 20 Bag Use Formula 12-year-old children and adults of more than 1 for each day
of bag 1/2 time.
 ⇒ Half a glass of warm milk or water to drink 1 bag mixed.

 ⇒ Dietary Supplement: Not for medical use.

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