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Forever Living Bee Honey

Forever Living Bee Honey

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Forever Living Bee Honey

Forever Living Bee Honey Bees make honey by traveling from flower to flower,

⇒  removing the rich nectar, storing it briefly to mix with their enzymes, then depositing the honey in their hives.

⇒ Throughout the ages, honey has been recognized as a premium natural food – a storehouse of nutritional goodness and easily digested.

⇒ Honey contains many ingredients needed to maintain good health, including sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose),

⇒ and other minerals, vitamins, enzymes, proteins and amino acids.

 Forever Bee Honey contains only natural ingredients.

  This great-tasting, nutritious sweetener is loaded with nature’s goodness, containing approximately 70 calories per tablespoon.

  Easy to digest and rich in carbohydrates and the minerals calcium and phosphorus,

 Forever Bee Honey is a quick and nutritious energy source for any occasion!

1 review for Forever Living Bee Honey

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Forhad Islam

    I give it to my Wife during cough and she likes it too.
    The honey is all natural and tastes good.

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